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         Calendar of Events

2020 Calendar
 January 13, 2020- NPWS Quarterly Meeting @3:30pm, location:916 Main St,  Suite 103, Rapid City
2021 Calendar
August 21-October 24, 2020- NPWS Annual Exhibit & Show
 *** Please check this calendar regularly for any updates and changes ****​







**Check this calendar periodically for changes and udates to activities**
2018 Platinum Winner
By Sharon Gray

2019 Gold Winner

"Gone to the Moon"

by Jackie Long

2019 Silver Winner

"Canyon Splendor"

by Dennis Linn

201Gold Winner

"3 lbs. 9 oz."

by Jill Arbeiter

2018 Silver Winner
"Back Door"
by Bill Feterl

 2017 Gold Winner

   Sharon Grey

"Icarus Falling Now"

2017 Platinum Winner

      Dennis Linn


2016 Gold Award Winner

         Sharon Grey

         "Back Stage"

2016 Silver Award Winner  

        Janet Judson


2015 Gold Award Winner


by Dennis Linn

2015 Silver Award Winner


by Kathy Foster


2014 Gold Award Winner

"Trois Aigrette"

by Mary Scull

2014 Silver Winner

"June Elegance"

by Janet Judson

2013 Silver Award Winner

"Gold panning on 

upper Sand Creek"

Richard DuBois


2013 Gold Winner


Howard Olson